A Quatschmachers


Quatsch does not need a predictable or specifically given target. The drive of the quatsch doers is for outsiders often failed to understand or decode just because they are outsiders. 

Quatsch is a personal thing. 

Some may perceive as a waste of time, what brings great joy to others. 

The result of the quatsch making can not be measured in numbers and is therefore also priceless.

If parents (d)evaluate the carefree bustle of children as quatsch, it is often because either they are not allowed to be part and can not understand what is going on, or that they are not able to take part because they might not remember how much happiness it flushes through the body if one makes quatsch – if it is the sheer fun which drives one and nothing else.

The area of operations of me as a professional Quatschmacher includes the implementation of quatsch and it’s joy in everyday life. Seriously.